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Florida Parenting Class

DCF Approved - Court Accepted

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The Florida Parenting Class Online is a Court required course for divorcing parents with minor children. This is a 4 hour, 100% online class, which has been approved by the Department of Children and Families (DCF Approved).

This class may also be referred to as the Parenting Class or Parenting Class for divorce. Regardless of the name, our goal is simple. We help educate divorcing parents about changes that can affect families of divorce.

We want to help you better communicate with your co-parent for the good of the children. Don't your kids deserve it? Yes, they do!

We offer easy to understand, helpful tips, on how to co-parent better with your former partner.

Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course
DCF Approved

court approved parenting course online This is the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. It has been approved by the Department of Children and Families (DCF Approved).

Completing this 4 hour online course will meet the court requirement for parenting classes.

As a divorcing parent with a minor child, this is the course you need to take.

100% Online DCF Approved Course

Complete the parenting classes online at your convenience.You are dealing with a high level of stress.

We aim to help by providing 24/7 access to the course.

Complete the Online Florida Parenting Course on your schedule.

Start on your computer and continue later on your cell phone if you wish. It's up to you.

Our goal is simple, to help you succeed! Doesn't your child deserve the joy and stability achieved thru co-parenting?

Course Completion Instant Certificate

Your Certificate of Completion is available right when you finish. You don't have to wait for snail mail. Just download, print, and you are ready to submit the certificate to the Court where you are filing for divorce. In the event that you misplace your Certificate of Completion, we never charge a fee for another copy. Simply log into your account to download additional copies as needed.

Parenting Class - Personal Information

parenting divorce course online security.We take your data security seriously. Your Florida court accepted parenting class is actively managed by an IT Professional. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and more than 25 years of web and database development experience, rest assured, your personal information will be treated with care. We do not share your personal data and verify all requests.

4 hour - Parenting Classes for Divorce

We understand probably don't have a full 4 hours to spare for online parenting classes for divorce.

Each chapter is broken down to roughly 30 minutes long. Once you save your work, you can pick up where you left off at a later time.

Also, the course text and buttons are larger to make it easier for you to read. 4 hours staring at your phone or computer will hurt your eyes. We took the extra step to make it a little more comfortable. :)

Time Frame

In the State of Florida, the petitioner has just 45 days from the date of filing to complete the Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.

The Respondent must complete the class within 45 days from the date they are served.

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